Sir Lucan

A somewhat young man dressed in simple robes with dark blond hair.


Lucan is a man of moderate height, standing about 5’9".
His bare feet are cloaked by a well-crafted but plain robe of brown, tied with a silver cord. This robe seems simpler than it is, as it flows with his movements, showing exceptional craftmanship. A simple hood up over his head does not completely obscure the dark blond hair cut without style nor the brown eyes.
His face is clean-shaven and without emotion, his eyes slowly observing all around him. A sword of elegant yet simple design sits upon his hip, though he has never drawn it, practicing with the elders with a borrowed sword.


Lucan talks of his home of Caerleon to those that wish. He was a knight there, a long time ago. He served once under a great king named Arturus, and under his guidance sought and found a relic called the Grail, which Lucan himself drank from. He is amused now, slightly, when he talks of how it had been assumed that the Grail iteslf had bestowed upon Lucan his immortality, his great strength, his cunning… assumed so much that the Grail was locked away and guarded at all times, and none were allowed to drink of it beyond Lucan himself, for fear of powers in evil hands.

He was a great general once, sought out by kings in the world after Arturus’s kingdom fell. He could not be beaten, and all armies fell before him… that alone was enough reason for him to retire away, for fear of his effect upon his world. Generations worth of seclusion, wandering, and meditation followed. People still found him occasionally, seeking the Grail, which he had kept after Caerleon’s first fall.

The Black Road changed everything, and though by then Sir Lucan was simply legend, he was found and convinced of the threat to the kingdoms. He sought out and was granted King Arturus’s sword, which he still now carries, and lead the armies of man against the foul beasts that walked the road, and beat them back… but left them upon it. The Road itself was too horrible for all men but Lucan, so great walls and outposts were set to be built…

Lucan talks nothing of the shattering of his world, that which brought him here.

Sir Lucan

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