Female, 5'3", black-brown hair with red highlights, green-blue eyes, fair skin with heavy freckling, wiry


From the introductory beach scene:

A small figure lays face down in the sand. It’s hard to tell much about the figure, at first, since the tangled braid of black-brown hair that reaches the lower back looks like it could belong to a woman or man. The rest of the figure is obscured in a thickly woven wool blanket, with a similarly thick wool tunic and pants beneath. The boots are made of some type of thing leather with a fur exterior, and fit closely.

The small frame and bit of curve around the waist, suggesting it’s a woman. This is confirmed moments later, as she pushes herself up, and brushes thick wisps of hair from her mouth and eyes. She has skin that might have been more fair if it weren’t for long exposure to sun and wind — it’s currently deeply tanned, almost enough to obscure her heavy freckling. Her black-brown hair glints slightly reddish in the sunlight. Her face is oval, with medium but well defined cheeks and a small chin. Her lips are slightly chapped, and she has thick black lashes. Her eyes seem blue or green, depending on the light. She wears no makeup.

As she stands, it becomes obvious that she really is small — she stands about 5’3". Her clothing hides most of her body, but from her visible wrists and forearms, you can see that she is wiry.

Though her clothing is homely, there is needlecraft and embroidery along any exposed hem or garment edge — intricate enough to have taken many hours, and made with richly colored blues, greens, reds, and yellows. The clothing itself is wet, and sand clings to it. The few bits of jewelry she wears (a brooch, necklace, and belt buckle) are all hand forged. She carries a small wool bag, also heavily embroidered.

She is obviously disoriented, and spends a lot of time observing the sky, waves, cliffs, and other landmarks for some sense of where she’s arrived.

If spoken to, she doesn’t say much, but this could be because her grasp of Thari is rudimentary at best and heavily accented.

She identifies herself as Nerys of Ker-Ys.



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