Basic Trump Artistry

SENSE AND IDENTIFY TRUMP ITEMS 3 : As a Trump Artist you can recognize the Trump quality in any object. Likewise, you’ll be able to recognize any Trump object, telling the difference between a normal painting and one with Trump power.

TRUMP IDENTIFICATION 7 : A Trump Artist can often tell the identity of a caller, without opening to the contact. Upon receiving a Trump contact, check through your Trump Deck. The card of whoever is making the call will be psychically active (though if another Trump conversation is already taking place, this will only narrow down the possibilities). Obviously, this works only if a character happens to have the caller’s Trump.

TRUMP SPYING 5 [Requires Sense and ID Trump Items and Trump Identification] : There is another level of concentration where you can simply observe the operation of Trump. This allows you to overhear conversations as the Trump is being used. However, you must actually touch the specified trump. If you have a Trump for only one of the participants in a trump conversation, you will only overhear what that one person says, and will be unable to “hear” the other end of the conversation.

TRUMP SKETCH (WITHIN SHADOW) 5 [Requires Sense and ID Trump Items and Trump Identification] : With simple drawing materials you can sketch a person or place from memory. This takes about 30-40 minutes. The resulting sketch has the same powers as a full Trump but is not as strongly attuned to the subject. The image is not permanent, unlike a permanent Trump, and if the subject changes, the sketch will lose its power. Once a Trump Sketch is created, it takes more concentration to use than a comparable Trump card.

With this level of ability, such a sketch only works if both the target and the caller are in the same Shadow.

TRUMP SKETCH (THROUGH SHADOW) 0 [Requires Trump Sketch and either Pattern Imprint or Logrus Imprint] : As the character gains power over shadow, so can trump sketches cross the boundaries of shadow.

TRUMP DEFENSE 5 [Requires Trump Sketch] : Trump Artists, recognizing the power of Trump, can use it for defense. Evoking a Trump defense requires using a Trump card (your own card works best), and concentrating on the cool sensation. So long as the concentration is maintained, the Trump will protect the character from intrusions of Logrus, Pattern, Psyche and most Magic. Maintaining a Trump defense if dependent on the character’s Endurance. Against major powers, maintaining a Trump defense is just as difficult as a mind-to-mind battle.

CREATE TRUMP (AND TRUMP POWERED ARTIFACTS) 5 [Requires Trump Sketch and either Pattern or Logrus Imprint] : This involves creating a card representing some particular person or place. When the user concentrates on the card there will be a psychic bond between the two. Creating a Trump usually takes about two days of concentrated work. Working from memory, without a live model, will double or triple the amount of time it takes to create a card. Cards made from a description, without the Trump Artist ever having observed the subject, have the large possibility of linking to a shadow instead of the actual subject.

This also allows for the creation of trump powered artifacts- see the Item Creation rules page.

TRUMP BLACKOUT 5 [Requires Trump Defense] : A Trump Artist can learn to prevent someone on the other side of a Trump contact from seeing you or your location. Conversation occurs as normal, but one side of the contact does not get the visuals.

Advanced Trump Artistry

TRUMP GATE 5 [Requires Create Trump and Trump Defense] : The ability to create an open doorway from any one place to another. It requires the construction of a Trump Sketch (or card) for the destination point. It requires a tremendous amount of personal energy in order to be opened, and even more for the maintenance of the Trump Gate.

TRUMP JAMMING 5 [Requires Trump Blackout] : It’s possible, with intense concentration, to jam any one, or any number, of Trumps. It requires the actual card of the subject of the jam. This can work one of two ways. The first can be done on several targets, just concentrate on all the cards and none of them will be able to receive calls. Another possibility is to concentrate on a single card and the victim will be blocked from sending or receiving Trump calls. If the victims of the ploy simply give up, then there is no problem. However, should someone “push” the contact, the Trump Artist will be involved in a psychic battle.

TRUMP MEMORY 5 [Requires Trump Gate and Trump Jamming] : In creating a card, either a new one or a redrawing of an old one, you memorize the image, so it is permanently imprinted in your own mind. That means you can attempt to contact an image without a physical card being present.

TRUMP TRAP 5 [Requires Trump Memory] : The ability to capture others in trumps, or project them to other places against their wills. There are a wide range of possibilities, from Trump that work nearly automatically, so they are activated by the merest touch or glance, to Trump that, when activated, automatically transport the wielder to the place they depict. Trump Trap also allows the Trump Artist to create “disguised” Trump, where the image that appears on the card is not the true subject of the Trump.

DISGUISE TRUMP 0 [Requires Trump Memory] : It is possible to make a Trump card or object that does not, to casual inspection even by another Trump Artist, appear to be a Trump.

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