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  • Suhuy

    Suhuy is one of the oldest entities in the Courts of Chaos. He shares a similar relationship to the Logrus that Dworkin did (and now Corwin does) to the Pattern, excepting that (as far as anyone knows) he did not personally draw/create it. He is …

  • Swayvill

    The King of Chaos for approximately as long as Oberon was King of Amber. Shows no signs of stopping, unlike his counterpart.

  • Dara

    Dara was a key figure in the Patternfall War, but in the end her feelings and loyalties were mixed. She is the mother of [[:merlin]], and cousin to [[:mandor]] of Mephit.

  • Merlin

    Merlin is the son of [[:corwin]] and [[:dara]]. Born and bred to be King of Amber, it is fortunate that this is something he has absolutely no interest in because it looks pretty unlikely now that Chaos has lost the war. He has friends and allies on …

  • Mandor

    Mandor is a Lord of Chaos. Born into [[House Sawall]], the royal house, he has since left that house and founded his own, [[House Mephit]]. He has removed himself from the line of succession, in which he did not stand particularly high but high enough to …

  • Johanna

    While saddened by the loss of her consort Lord [[:borel]], Lady Johanna soldiers on. She is an extremely skilled swordswoman, and also very politically astute.

  • Borel

    Lord Borel of Hendrake was the consort of the head of the house, Lady [[:johanna]]. He was also the master of arms for the Courts of Chaos, and trained and taught most of the Lords and nobles at some time or another. He is deceased, having challenged …

  • Daniel

    Head of House Avashai. He is generally well liked and respected in Chaos, but he is considered to be a fairly weak sorcerer.

  • Dimon

    Lord Dimon is old, even as Chaosians reckon time. He is a quiet man, content to be behind the scenes, but he has a great deal of influence in the Courts.

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